Endovapor® - Dual High Radio Frequency System

Radiowaves have played a significant role in medicine for quite some time. Whether anti-wrinkle treatment, varicose vein sclerotherapy or surgeries, physicians often use the thermal effects of electromagnetic waves.

The patented Endovapor® represents a new era of radiowave-technology, offering maximum surgical precision, control, flexibility and safety.

Endovapor - Dual High Radio Frequency System

Vaporflex® RF-Probe

Vaporflex RF-Probe

High frequency - low temperature

Our Endovapor® focuses on high frequency/low temperature technology. This high frequency differentiates the Endovapor® from other radio frequency and electronic surgical devices. Research shows that the frequency combination of our Endovapor® is optimal for a controlled coagulation and surgical precision and is suitable for all endoscopic, open and microsurgical surgeries.

Vaporflex RF-Probe

Minimum penetration - maximum control

The high frequency/low temperature technology enables precise working which is indispensable in order to preserve healthy tissue and protect vital structures. With the Endovapor®, the surgeon can achieve various effects: coagulate, incise, resect or vaporize.

Such versatile tissue effects can not be achieved by conventional electro surgical units (ESUs), laser or hand instruments.

Vaporflex RF-Probe

One device - many advantages

Endovapor® allows greater visibility due to simultaneous hemostasic control.

  • The innovative delivery system allows specific access and targeted treatment to any anatomy/pathology.
  • The monopolar/bipolar combination of the Endovapor® improves handling, and reduces equipment set-up and room clutter (two bipolar waveforms, three monopolar waveforms).
  • The simple ergonomic set-up of functions allows for clear and direct handling.
  • Costs are reduced due to the "all-in-one" principle. The Endovapor® replaces several different technologies, thus reducing the use of medical disposables.