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Joimax® offers a wide range of sophisticated, autoclavable endoscopes. The special single cable technology makes" the surgeon's work easier and more flexible. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine conducting examinations and surgeries without the so called "keyhole technique". So the Joimax® developments are guided by the newest scientific research and the needs of surgeons and patients.

Joimax® HD Foraminoscopes (autoclavable) for the spinal surgery

All Foraminoscopes are available as two versions:
C version = single cable (Combo) or
D version = scope with ocular + Light source (Dual)
Both versions have an OD of 6.3 mm, a working channel of 3.8 mm, an optical angle of 30° and a flushing- and vacuum channel of ID 1.5 mm.

All Foraminoscopes are available in different lengths:

  • Ref No FS6342181C/FS6342181O Length 171 mm, Working channel 3.7 mm
  • Ref No FS6342208C/FS6342208O Length 208 mm, Working Channel 3.7 mm

OD = Outer Diameter, ID = Inner Diameter

Joimax HD Foraminoscopes

Joimax HD Foraminoscopes