HD Endoscopy System

Joimax® Endoscopy System

Joimax® offers the latest digital technologies for endoscopic surgery, in particular for "joined minimal access" treatment.

Joimax HD Endoscopy System

1 - Vitegra® 3

Fully integrated image and video data recording with multi-task navigation

2 - C-Camsource® HD Twister

Single-cable technology: light guide and camera in one

3 - Shrill® Shaver Driver System

Multi-functional Drill and Resection System

4 - Versicon® Versatile Irrigation Control

Pressure-controlled arthroscopy and spinal column flush pump (low pressure)

5 - Endovapor® Dual High Radio Frequency System

Dual radio frequency system with bipolar disposable probes to arrest bleeding and remove scar tissue

6 - JFMS 2410/4200 High Resolution Flatscreen Monitor

24" or 42" Flatscreen TFT Monitor with glass front, Full HD compatible