Joimax® Video TWISTER: digital image processing in endoscopy

Regardless which endoscopic surgical method you use, the Joimax® Video TWISTER Box can always be employed. Our Video TWISTER allows a 360° electronically rotation of video signals with zooming and image centering functions.

Multiple options to optimize your endoscopy picture

  • 360° Rotation - best support for anatomical orientation
  • Zoom-In up to 300% - clearly view all details
  • Position the centre of your picture wherever you like on the screen and recentre

Multiple options to connect devices

The Video TWISTER can be used in combination with the Joimax® C-Camsource or any other endoscopy camera or video signal source, and is suitable for a LCD-monitor . Rotation and zooming functions are directly integrated into the device rather than into the camera head. This results in a considerable weight reduction of the camera head.

The foot-switch controls the major functions:

  • 360° Rotation
  • Zoom-In Magnification up to 300%
  • Reset to standard view
Joimax Video TWISTER