Shrill® - Shaver Drill System

Multi-functional Drill and Resection System

The Joimax® Shrill® System was developed for the resection of tissue, both soft as well as solid structures, primarily in the area of the spine.

Shrill - Shaver Drill System

The Joimax® Shrill® System consists of a console, a hand piece (motor), a foot switch and different sterile Blades. The Shrill® System can also be operated without the foot switch.

The device can be easily programmed and adjusted quickly:

  • 3 modes of action: Oscillating / clockwise / counter-clockwise
  • Adjustable rotation speed

6 memory locations: The user can store his or her most commonly used settings and hence save time.

Integrated suction function for simultaneous irrigation and suction control:

Provides a free and clear view of the operation area. Joimax® offers both a foot switch as well as a hand piece with integrated On/Off button and suction control. Being able to operate the device using the hand switch makes it possible to handle all blades with much more precision than by using only the foot switch.

Shrill® Blades

Intuitive handling without complex mechanics is the main feature of the innovative flexible Joimax® Shrill® Blades. Malleable materials allow for full force transmission, while the striking principle of construction simultaneously guarantees maximum stability.


  • Special construction and vaccuum suction effects ensure safety while working under full endoscopic view.
  • Gentle ablation of soft and bony tissue in stenosis, hypertrophic ligaments, osteophytes and cysts.
  • Tissue-specific design of the blades (milling, cutting, abrasing).
  • Color coding of the blades for simple identification.
  • Depth graduation on the blades as additional safety aspect.
Shrill Blades

Shrill® Shaver Blades

Different Shaver Blades for optimized and safe resection and ablation work, close to nerval structures. Blades are made for bone resection, hard and soft tissue ablation.

Shrill Shaver Blades

Colour coding of the blades for simple identification:

  • Red: for resection of bone tissue, with protection
  • Purple: for resection of bone tissue, with side protection
  • Blue: for resection of bone tissue, without protection
  • Green: for ablation of soft tissue
  • Yellow: diamond abrasor for optimal and safest bone resection

Tissue-specific design of the 7 blades:

  • 3 versions for bone (milling): usable in the 3000 – 6000 rpm range
  • 3 versions for soft tissue (cutting): usable up to max. 3000 rpm (oscillating)
  • 1 diamond abrasor: usable at 6000 rpm

Depth graduation on the blades as additional safety feature