CESSYS® - Cervical Endoscopic Surgical System Instruments

Treatment of herniated discs in the cervical spine using the anterolateral approach

CESSYS® allows for the minimally invasive treatment of cervical disc herniations. Therefore, in most cases, the disc and its functional characteristics are preserved.

CESSYS Cervical Access

A complete solution: The full-endoscopic cervical spine instrument set

The endoscopic CESSYS® procedure uses an anterolateral approach through the disc space directly to the site of herniation. The cervical spine instrument set consisting of dilators, reamers and working tubes with diameters of less than 5 mm allows a minimally invasive atraumatic access and thus a gentle treatment.

The unique hybrid endoscope provides images in best HD-quality. The single-cable connection of the Camera & Video Unit (Combo) to the endoscope provides less bulk and therefore lightweight handling of the endoscope which can be guided like a pencil. This patented hybrid cable technology guarantees full precision paired with unique ergonomics.

Under full endoscopic view and excellent visualization the herniated material can be removed completely.

CESSYS Zervikal Joimax Instruments

Gentle treatment with little effect on the surrounding tissue

For tissue ablation, hemostasis and precise coagulation, Legato® and Vaporflex® bipolar probes are available. The little tissue penetration allows the surgeons to work gently next to the nerve tissue.