iLESSYS® - Interlaminar Endoscopic Surgical System Instruments

All in one: iLESSYS® Instruments System

More than 50 specific instruments for a safe minimal access and the decompression of neural structures.

Nearly all of the iLESSYS® instruments are colour coded similar to the traffic light system red-yellow-green. The green instruments have the smallest diameter, the red ones, the largest diameter. This logic eases application for the OR team.

iLESSYS Instruments System

Precise and long-lasting: iLESSYS® Forceps and Endo-Kerrison-Punch

Our forceps are equipped with the patented 'Luer Overload Protection System - LOPS', which prevents overstretching, thus guaranteeing a long life.

The Kerrison is designed for endoscopic use. It has an interchangeable shaft and is available in with either a 90° or a 40° cutting angle.

iLESSYS Forceps and Endo-Kerrison-Punch

Efficient and convenient: the Joimax® Disposable Access Kit

Our Disposable Access Kits contain all the necessary disposable products for a single application, including needles, syringes, dishes, markers, scalpel, guide wires, caps and sutures.

The Advantages:

  • Consistent level of quality
  • Reduced staff costs
  • Place your orders for sterile material with one supplier instead of several.
Joimax Disposable Access Kit

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