User Protection Program

Joimax® User Protection Program

The lead-free Joimax® User Protection System is made up of a stable compound of various light metals. Through combination of the light metals with a polymer, a high flexibility is achieved. This results in a weight reduction of up to 35% compared to other radiation protection systems.

  • Lead-free radiation protection
  • Up to 35% reduction in weight
  • Full protection from 80 to 120 KV
  • Environmentally friendly - recyclable
  • Latex and vinyl free

Thyroid Collar

  • Provides full protection with excellent flexibility
  • Velcro closure allows full freedom of positioning
  • 0.50 mm Pb equivalency
Joimax Thyroid Collar

Radiation Shielding Glasses

Optimal radiation protection for your eyes

Joimax Radiation Glasses

Radiation Gloves

  • Excellent anatomical fit
  • Abraded surface for a superior grip/handle
  • Made out of protein reduced rubber
  • Powder free
  • No toxic materials
Joimax Radiation Gloves

Quick Drop Apron

  • Worn over the scrub suit or under the gown
  • Designed for quick removal without breaking the sterile field following X-ray procedures
  • 0.50 mm Pb equivalency
Joimax Quick Drop Apron