Ranfac Snarecoil Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle

Ranfac Snarecoil, bone marrow biopsy needle. Horten Medical is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand agent for Ranfac corp.

The Ranfac SNARECOIL Biopsy needle is used by major hospitals in Australia and is the preferred instrument for bone marrow biopsies.

They are a stock item and shipped promptly. Please contact us for samples and/or a trial of the product.

A Clean, Intact Biopsy Core Every Time.

This Ranfac Snarecoil is a specimen-capturing needle that incorporates a tiny, internal snare mechanism which coils around the tip of the specimen after it has entered the needle.

The action, activated by a lever in the instrument’s handle, reliably delivers a clean, intact biopsy core, and eliminates the need to move the needle significantly after it has been advanced into the bone marrow tissue.

It also reduces the trauma of bone marrow biopsies both for the patient who requires a single biopsy for diagnosis, and especially for those with malignancies such as leukemias or lymphomas who may require multiple procedures to evaluate treatment efficacy.

Features and Benefits:

  • Direct insertion and withdrawal of needle
  • Clean, non-fragmented specimen
  • Reliable retrieval of samples eliminates need for additional passes
  • Longer specimens provide more material for accurate pathologic evaluation
  • Reduces time to reassure patients and to complete the procedure
  • Less patient pain and trauma means decreased patient anxiety
  • Disposable, single-use needle


  • D-HMRCRBN-114 - 11 Gauge needle by 100mm
  • D-HMRCRBN-116 - 11 Gauge needle by 150mm
  • D-HMRCRBN-84 - 8 Gauge needle by 100mm
  • D-HMRCRBN-86 - 8 Gauge needle by 150mm
  • D-HMRCRBN-132 - 13 Gauge needle by 50mm
  • D-HMRCRBN-133 - 13 Gauge needle by 75mm